The history of science fiction part 3

If you haven’t read The history of science fiction part 1, then please do so before reading this article. In the last article, we made another couple of centuries worth of progress into the roots of science fiction when we checked out Frankenstein and Swift. Still it was not enough to really reach the beginnings […]

Void: No Afterlife preview pt.1

Your first look at the upcoming web-comic Void: No Afterlife. Story by B.M. Garrett Artwork by Adrian Gomez -NOTE- Click the image for Fullscreen Mode. Once in Fullscreen Mode, you can click to zoom. Click here for the Spanish translation   Open publication – Free publishing – More comic VOID: NO AFTERLIFE You have now […]

The history of science fiction part 2

If you haven’t read The history of science fiction part 1, then please do so before reading this article. At the end of the last article we had reached the blinding brilliance of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. No one who loves science fiction is unaware of their contribution, the staggering genius that they brought […]

The history of science fiction part 1

Science Fiction Origins The history of Science Fiction is a bit muddled. People have dreamed about traveling in space, feared bizarre monsters, and thought about aliens nearly since they had the ability to think. While many of us know about Star Trek, Star Wars, and the deluge of scary alien movies, there is much less […]

What’s your favorite science fiction website?

We all have our favorite sci fi websites lurking on the internet. Some well known and some only a handful may know of. Believe it or not, science fiction is a huge part of people’s lives and they might not even know it. It’s not so large that they can’t live without out it…or is […]

A legend that never dies

Imagine a place where all who enter, die without explanation. A place haunted by a legend with more secrets than answers. Answers that, if any tries to get close enough to, they die. Welcome to the next installment of S.D. Bingham’s Mortal Resistance series. On a war-torn planet, a group of Resistance soldiers is tasked […]

Our own little science fiction universe

With a little bit of success, comes even more hard work. And in the business of creating a science fiction saga, that little bit of success is all it takes to keep a person motivated. Since last month’s milestone day of over 11,000 visitors, there has been some sizable traffic to The Origin Saga website […]

The best science fiction stories are here

The science fiction universe of The Origin Saga has been in development for quite some time now and will continue to develop for as long as possible. The best thing about a sci fi website like this is that as the owner, you can take great pleasure and pride in providing quality science fiction stories […]

Everything that’s wrong with science fiction today

In the past few years, how many science fiction movies, novels or television shows can you name that have had a significant impact on our culture today? How many can you name that even had an impact on the entertainment industry? How many can you name that have been as successful as Star Wars or […]

One god dies, one god lives

As a planet in need of saving is dying at the presence of a dark entity, two immortal beings face off to decide the fate of the planet. After weeks of relentless battle between the two foes, the conflict must now come to a close with the death of either one. It is now down […]

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