The Alpha Universe is populated by an incredibly large amount of immortals (also known as Celestials). After the universe was created, the Daystars, Darkstars and Titans were the very first Celestials to populate the universe. Later, other immortals began to appear in the universe due to the actions of an immortal being named Void. Void’s main purpose was to travel the cosmos populating the universe with an untold amount of his immortal children in an effort to dominate the universe.

Immortals have the ability to live forever and can only be killed at the hands of another immortal.


The Darkstar Hierarchy – Learn about the ranking structure of power that fuels the Darkstar race.

The Darkstars are cosmic beings descended from the evil entity that was once Omega. The Darkstar race is one that is solely bent on the absolute ending of all life and the destruction of the entire universe. They are completely feared throughout the universe and have been known to cause galactic annihilations without any remorse. Their overall goal is to reach Origin at any cost in order to seize the throne from the Alpha Universe’s creator.

Fact: Darkstars are known for assimilating countless mortals for their own dark devices.

“Serve your purpose well and when it is our time to rule the universe you will have a place at our feet.” – Sire Death


Daystars are the embodiments of all that is good and are descended from the virtuous being Alpha. Within the Alpha Universe, Daystars are worshiped as gods by mortals and are seen as the universe’s ultimate protectors. The only thing standing in the way of the universe’s absolute destruction is the Daystars as they take on all evil challenges that threaten the universe.

Fact: Daystars are not only protectors of the mortals, but they are beacons of hope that inspire even the weakest.

“Things in the dark take on a different nature in the light.” – Eternal Hope


The Titan Hierarchy – Learn about the ranking structure for some of the fiercest immortals in the universe.

Titans are the descendants of the being Union. The Titans are a neutral race that dwell between good and evil. Although naturally neutral, they are always symbiotically connected to their current ruler’s intentions. If the ruler is of evil intentions, his influence on his people will reflect their way of life. A just and noble Czar will bring about the best in the Titans while a corrupt and malicious ruler will turn the Titans toward darkness. The Titans operate as a militaristic society and are always willing to wage war upon the universe as the Titan race is prone to the domination of all life.

Fact: The Titan race, although not as populated as their counterparts, are a much more fiercer breed of Celestial and have a reputation for coming out the victor in underdog situations.

“You have merely just begun to witness my power.” – The Czar Ruin


Making up most of the universe’s population, mortal beings are simply innocents caught in a universal war that they have no control over. Learn more about non immortal races such as the Ith’al and Kryllonians. Or, learn about the fate of the Kitalli race when evil is visited upon them.

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