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Every Saga begins with a story

The Alpha Universe is vastly rich with an infinite amount of stories to be told. So many destinies. So many triumphs. Yet far too many tragedies. The sum of dreams broken in a war-torn universe is almost equivalent to the death rate. So what can you expect from the stories told on The Origin Saga website?

  • Dark science fiction
  • Numerous short stories
  • Short run series
  • Interrelated themes
  • Overlapping story arcs
  • A deeper insight in the Alpha Universe

Multiple authors, numerous perspectives, a variety of characters and settings. This is what science fiction should truly be about. We invite you to take a look at some of our current running short stories which will not only help you to familiarize yourself with the Alpha Universe, but also provide you with an entertainment value that has been long associated with science fiction storytelling.


Venture into these Science Fiction Short Stories all within the Alpha Universe

Blood of the gods

As a planetary leader is dying, his only hope of living is to receive the blood of the Daystar who at the moment, is doing his best to protect the planet from a Darkstar who wishes to end all life on the world. – By William Warren

The Dark Tutelage of Sire Malice

On a desolated planet where all life has been brutally exterminated, a powerful master provides dark lessons to his newest pupil. – By B.M. Garrett

Mortal Resistance: Darkstars Denied

The Darkstars are a relentless force of unspeakable evil that spreads their influence throughout the cosmos. But on this day, they will be denied a small victory by a mortal who dares to resist. -By S.D. Bingham

Mortal Resistance 2: Inner Darkness

As the backdrop of a planetary war rages on, two individuals locked in a psychological battle test each other to see who will give into the inner darkness. Who will prevail? – By S.D. Bingham

Mortal Resistance 3: Thirty Minutes

As the only survivors on a dying planet, a group of friends must make a desperate last ditch effort to escape their doomed world and the ravenous infected inhabitants that will stop at nothing to claim this group’s lives. -By S.D. Bingham

Mortal Resistance 4: Garv’s Legacy

On a war-torn planet, a group of Resistance soldiers is tasked out on a mission that leads them to confront a legend that has haunted the area for over a hundred cosmic years. No one has survived to answer the secrets behind this legend until now. – By S.D. Bingham

Mortal Resistance 5: Deadly Reunion

After a detective is murdered while trying to unravel the secrets of a feared crime syndicate, a fellow detective is determined to avenge his death, only to end up dragging her unknowing brother into a deadly reunion with the person who got their mother killed so long ago. – By S.D. Bingham

Mortal Resistance 6: A Prisoner’s Resistance

Captured by the Fallen, Captain Davin is subjected to the tortures of a prisoner of war. The only thing keeping him from breaking is his ability to retreat into his mind to block the pain and his wife who shares the cell with him. – By S.D. Bingham

Displaced Amid the Universe

As an inexperienced Kryllonian crew sets out among the stars in search of life, they find themselves in the clutches of death only to be saved by a powerful force unknown to them. – By V.R. Fable

A Day in the Life of an Immortal

As a planet in need of saving is dying at the presence of a dark entity, two immortal beings face off to decide the fate of the planet. In the end, only one will survive this battle of good vs. evil. – By B.M. Garrett

 A god’s Demise

The Daystar Maris, protector of the Oryus system, prepares for his death as his nemesis, the Darkstar Vex approaches to do battle with him. – By M. Easter


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Mining Facility Bispul 23

A few slight communication malfunctions on the planet Bispul seems like nothing out of the ordinary. But for Com-station Echo Prime, a communication Officer’s gut feeling proves to be more than right. -By B.M. Garrett

A message from General Vron

A message from General Dr’nes Vron of the Oryus system depicting some of the events that have swept his system into a conflict with dark forces. -By M. Easter

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